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Dillon Kenniston, CFP® - Founder

I’ve spent over ten years combined in finance, technology, and real estate. Before that, I was an elementary school teacher who taught science and writing. In each role, the bar was held high to achieve excellence for clients, partners, and students. REWealth holds itself to the same high standards of execution and integrity.

Each chapter of my own background informs the passion I share for helping people achieve their financial goals and equipping them with the knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions.

REWealth was established in 2021 to be the source for helping real estate investors build financial freedom.

I have first-hand experience in landlording, property management, and adding value through late night renovations and elbow grease, all while navigating job changes, hiring, promotions, bonuses, stock compensation, ESOPs, benefits packages, not to mention trying balance work with family life and outside interests.

Shock-jock headlines in market news regularly declare the sky is falling. But real estate investors know better, and are naturally inclined towards long-term thinking. You deserve more than a generalist advisor who’s trying to sell you a product or get you to sell your properties so they can manage the proceeds. You deserve conflict-free advice from not just an advisor, but a colleague and fellow real estate investor.

I’ve been blessed with a fantastic career and see the tremendous potential that real estate investing carries for others. I started REWealth to pay it forward and help others discover the same.

I’m a husband to Emily and daddy to Brielle. My wife and I are members in good standing at our local church. I enjoy fitness, chess, and music.

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Why Choose Us?

We’re not your typical wealth management firm, and we’re not for everybody. Our fee-only model, personalized service, and real estate investor focus allows us to craft a financial Blueprint tailored to your needs.

Here’s some other ways we’re different:

We get it. The last time you talked with a financial advisor, they pitched you on a mutual fund or annuity. Or maybe they tried to persuade you to sell your rental real estate and instead, put the proceeds into securities they can manage. As real estate investors ourselves, we understand the power of rental real estate and the place it can play in your pursuit of financial freedom.

We take upon ourselves the legal obligation to put client interests first. We do not accept commissions and are transparent on fees and terms. We’re independent from any bank, broker dealer, insurance company or custodian, so we’re free to provide conflict-free advice.

Many advisors require that they manage your investments for you to become a client. Some even insist on an investment-centric, “beat-the-market” approach. By contrast, our Planning First approach puts your investments into the broader context of your goals and values. Investment management is an important piece of the overall financial plan, but we welcome DIYers. Investment management is a separate service with a separate fee.

Only about 29% of financial advisors are also Certified Financial Planners™. CFP Board is a non-profit organization acting in the public interest by fostering professional standards in personal financial planning. Only those financial planners who have fulfilled the CFP Board’s rigorous requirements and adhere to strict ethical standards can call themselves a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional.

We believe services should be conflict-free and offered at a transparent price. We don’t earn any money from commissions, nor do we collect fees often hidden in the fine print of certain funds or insurance products. We offer full-service financial planning for a flat fee, as well as asset management for an easy-to-understand tiered fee.

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We’re happy to meet in person if you’re ever near the Berks County, Pennsylvania area. Otherwise, we serve primarily online for your convenience.